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MyCarer is a growing online community of care and support workers. It is the best and easiest place to find care providers and support workers that meets your expectations as an Employer. By registering you can find individuals that are most qualified for the job.

Getting started

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  • Click on Get Started to create your Agency Profile – Fill in the form, save and Submit. Make sure to provide the mandatory fields. Do not forgo any information and make sure your Contact Information is accurate.


How to search for Carers

  • Once you have created your Agency Profile it is simple to find what you are looking for.
  • Using the Advanced search bar on the left hand of your page can help you find care providers and support workers as per your specifications. Filter your search options to get exactly what you are looking for. The most related Care profiles will appear on middle of the page


  • Using Browse Carers on top of the page shows all carers who are currently listed and you can search your carer by care type or by post code.


  • Once you select a Carer profile you can send them a message as well as a request for document access.

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How to Create an Advertisement

  • Posting your own advertisement allows Care providers and Support workers to apply directly to the job vacancy.
  • Click Create Ad button.


  • Fill in the form along with mandatory information.
  • The Job description is the key component that will be displayed on the website. The Contact details provided will not be shown in the advertisement.
  • Preview your Ad and make necessary changes before submitting for approval.


  • Click save and continue to proceed.
  • Publish or Edit your Ad. You can edit your advertisement if required before publishing on our website. If no amendments are to be made, click Publish to published on our web site. You can edit your Ad any time even after publishing on our website.

    Note – An initial approval from a MyCarer administrator is required prior to  publishing your advertisement on our web site. Initial approval will take place within the 24 hours of submitting your advertisement.


  • Un-publish your Advertisement – Un-publishing your Ad will be taken off your ad from the website.





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