Document Upload Request


The document upload request happens when a Care Seeker is interested in a Care provider and would like to know their qualifications further, and if the documents, such as a Nursing certificate or a police report, has not been uploaded by the Care Provider, the Care Seeker can send them a request to upload said documents.

How it works is simple.

  • Firstly the Care Seeker will visit the profile of the interested Care Provider.

  • After a read through of the profile, as the Care Seeker you can then click on the Request Upload button if the necessary documents you are looking for are not found.

  • If you are the Care Provider you will then receive an email with a link to the instructions guide that explains the easy steps to follow to upload your documents.

  • Once the Documents have been uploaded, the Care Seeker can then visit the care provider profile and request access to the newly uploaded documents.

Purple Header Process Infographic (1)

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