Document Access Request

The request to access documents happens when a Care Seeker is interested in a particular Care Provider.

How this works is Simple.

  • First as a Care Seeker you can visit the profile of the Care Provider

  • After reading the profile summary, if the profile is interesting, you can click on the Request Document Access button.

  • A message will be displayed saying the request has been sent to said Care Provider.

  • If you are a Care Provider, you will then receive the request via email, and in that email a link will be provided to grant access to the documents the Care Seekers requires.

  • When you follow said link, a message will be displayed indicating that a One Time access key has been granted to the Care Seeker

  • The Care Seeker will then get an email of the approval and a link that takes them directly back to the profile of the Care Provider, where the documents required can be easily accessed.

  • As a Care seeker you can then click on the documents need and those documents will be immediately downloaded for you to view.

Dark Blue & Orange Vector Cute Process Infographic (3)



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