User Guide For Care Seekers

If you have registered with MyCarer as a Care Seeker, you are now one step closer to finding a qualified candidate for your requirements from our growing online community.

The steps to follow are quick and simple.

  • Once your are signed in to your profile, you can continue to edit your profile if necessary. If you are satisfied with your profile description and the details you have provided, you can proceed to to finding Care Providers.

Note- Make sure your the description of your requirements are clear and to the point.

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  • Searching for Care Providers that meet your criteria is simple.

  • You can do a simple search by clicking Browse carers. You will be guided to a list of Carers in our community.

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  • The Advanced Search bar is on the left on your profile. In it you can search for care providers by specifying your choices. You can filter your search by the post code or suburb, the type of work, type of service, by the qualifications you require, or any other preferences.

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  • Once your search results are generated you can click on the candidate you think is most suitable.

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  • Once you are guided to said candidates page you will be given the option of shortlisting or sending them a message.

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  • If some necessary documents you are looking for has not been provided, you can click on Request document, shown in the picture above and the candidate will receive a document request message.

  • The candidates you have shortlisted will appear on on the right side on your profile.

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  • The interested applicants that have applied to your position will be displayed on the top left hand corner in your profile. You click on their name to view their profile and message or shortlist them as per your wish.

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Following these simple and easy steps you can be a lot closer to finding the best person for the job.


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