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At MyCarer, our intention is to provide a safe and secure environment for the Carer and Care Seeker, a place where they can make well-versed decisions about who they interact with on the site and in person. Building trust between the Carer and the Care seeker is paramount in our community, our most important goal is to provide the users of MyCarer a trusted community to ensure the best service possible.

MyCarer has come up with several important features that help the community, we are building, an extremely trustworthy platform for everyone involved. Our mission is to cater to the requirements of the care community, whether it be a Care Seeker or a Carer. Our registration process is simple but extensive, this is to ensure that both the Carer and Care Seeker find exactly what they are looking for.

During the registration process we require for the Care workers to provide us with mandatory screening documents such as a Police Check, a mandatory certificate for working with children if they are a nanny, their driver’s license and any other important certificates that can prove their qualifications, work experience and identity checks. In addition to this we have come up with a rating and review system where Care Seekers can rate and review any care provider. This helps future care seekers with assessing the best and trustworthy candidate for their job. Care Seekers are also required to provide us with exact specifications of what they are looking for.

For all your general inquiries and feedback, we have an online messaging system and a support email ID for the benefit of the Care Seekers and Providers. At MyCarer we aim to build a safe and secure community to mutually benefit the Care Seekers and Care providers. We encourage both parties to help us build an environment where you know you can feel extremely cared for.

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