What Is Your MyCarer Profile Score?


Screenshot (3)The importance of your MyCarer Profile score.

The purpose of your MyCarer profile score is to determine whether you are the best person for the job. Securing a high score can help you rank higher on the search and make it a possibility for you to find jobs quick and easy. There are several factors that include in calculating your profile score. So make sure your profile is complete with the below mentioned factors that could determine your score. 

Factors Included In Calculating Your MyCarer Profile Score

  1. Your description should contain 100 or more characters, with a meaning in order for you to acquire full marks.
  2. A profile picture is also a crucial factor for you to gain full marks. If you have not uploaded a profile picture you get absolutely no marks for this criteria.
  3. The percentage  of the necessary documents can determine whether you get a higher score. The more relevant documents uploaded in your profile, the higher the marks.
  4. The client rating of your profile.

Follow these simple steps to help your profile score standout from the rest.

If you are an existing member sign in and edit your profile. Not a member yet?  Get Started! 


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Note: Your MyCarer score may not update soon after the changes in profile. It may take about 1 to 2 hours to reflect on your profile.

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