How to Write a Great Profile Statement

Mycarer Australia

It is important to keep your profile simple and to the point. Make sure to provide a snapshot of your Skills, Qualifications, and Experience and Interpersonal skills to stand out from the crowd. You might want to include the points below in your profile.




  • Who you have cared for – These could be adults, Toddlers and/or children with disabilities.
  • Type of work you are looking for – Aged Care, Disability Care, Child Care Full-time or Part time.
  • Include your experience in relevant care type – You may have worked in an aged care facility, in a hospital or may have number of years of experience in home care/ Baby Sitting.
  • Include your qualifications – Provide your training and placement qualifications which may include Certificate III in aged care, Certificate in First Aid and manual handling.
  • Reason for working as a carer.
  • Provide your availability and flexibility to working hours and responsibilities.
  • Indicate the availability of relevant record checks such as police report and references.

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